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Your Property Manager is an intermediary between the parties of the tenancy – landlord and tenant. Maintaining a respectful relationship between both parties is integral to achieving the best outcome and maximising the return on your investment. As the interests of each party are not always aligned, your Property Manager is trained to look after your interests with tenacity and diplomacy.

We at THE AGENCY | Schinellas believe it is imperative to maintain the correct ratio of properties per property manager in order to ensure the highest level of service. Our team members have specialised roles making sure we are across every aspect of the performance of your investment.

Residential and Commercial Tenancy is subject to complex legislation and disputes can sometimes occur. The strategic advice we provide, should such a circumstance arise, is based on invaluable experience – something money can’t buy. Whilst we always act in accordance with legislative guidelines and regulations, we never forget our clients.

As part of our best policy practice, rents are reviewed at the beginning of a new tenancy agreement or at lease renewals. Possible rent increases will be discussed with you first before changes are made.­­­­

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